CeraStone Ceramic Cookware Review (Untapped)

Lot of persons who read our blog regularly are recently going nuts over cerastone cookware, That’s why we at last decided to change our focus on top cerastone cookware sets that have made it to our consideration: At first we are therefore going to do a 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal CeraStone Cookware review for you today!

CeraStone is known as energetic North American company for their amazing cookware product, materials and marketing. And nothing is more quality to them than their very popular cerastone cookware sets. We have reviewed cerastone titanium cookware before if you can remember.

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CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Review

From complete inspections of the CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal’s features to advantages and drawbacks, and additionally a good number of FAQs about this cookware, we have the whole thing you need in our Gunmetal CeraStone Cookware review to assist you to see the enhanced picture. Let’s start!

First look: CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Cookware Set, Gunmetal

The  initial idea you are probably to have the CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware, at first sight, is “SENSATIONAL”. Even if we don’t give as much concentration to the visual appeal of a cookware, the CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware actually did have us to appreciate it. The construction is shiny, fashionable and looks luxurious, to say the least.


You also have 3 different colors to choose from, and we can really appreciate that. The one we are looking at our CeraStone Ceramic Cookware review today is in the color: Gunmetal. You have a Gunmetal body with a D Coating Interior, SS Handle(Earth) and Thickness of 2.8mm. least yet elegant. as far as this, the CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware is giving us several positive feelings so let’s have a look how it dealings up in terms of performance!

Size and Weight

Fine, to redeem itself, the CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware comes remarkably light. It is in fact 15 pounds, only (Shipping Weight 17.6 pounds)! China origin CeraStone Cookware set has a very durable structure and is also very solid (hence the quality issue!). so compact in fact that it measures 23 x 8.5 x 13.6 inches in dimensions when folded!

CeraStone Ceramic Cookware offered 10 pieces Gunmetal Metallic set. If we are purchasing the CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware, we will get the following: 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch each fry pans, 1.5 quart, 2 quart, and 2.75 quart each sauce pans, a 5 quart Dutch oven, and a 9.5 inch chicken fryer.  all these with induction bottoms that can be used on any sort of cooking surface. This sleek gunmetal 10 piece Metallic set by CeraStone is also offered in equally blue and red.

Fry Pans


If there’s any feature that gives away the quality and reliability of a CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware, it is the fry pans. If the fry pans don’t match up to the standards, you are basically approaching a normal ceramic cookware set at your department store.


The CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware, nevertheless, doesn’t disappoint. Firstly, this fry pans are 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch each in size. all fry pans with induction bottoms that can be used on any sorts of cooking surface. All CeraStone fry pans are finished with 2.8 millimeter aluminum ceramic coating. each pans have lucrative stainless steel handle which is safe and comfortable. It features your CeraStone ceramic inside part. It is completely nontoxic and is both 100% PTFE and PFOA free.

According to CeraStone manufacturer statement  there is a tiny secret issue that declare us Most pans sold in supplies in the market nowadays can be toxic materials as they have PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Not only does that also not seems tasty too, but certainly it can be terrible for you if those toxin gets into your cooking food, your environment, and your daily life also. CeraStone is made with a innovative all natural and accepted ceramic-coated surface called StoneCoat 2020. It’s naturally and completely non-stick and fully stain-resistant, but greatest of all, it is entirely non-toxic. It is PTFE and PFOA (Perfluorooctanid acid) free. Scientists made researching and tested these facts for years. Then they made sure that the popular chefs liked it also. Basically Ceramic derived from the Greek word Keramikos that means pottery. It also means completely smooth, breeze-to-clean, entirely non-stick surface that wears extremely at the end of the day. CeraStone ceramic-coated surface has been filled with a accurate diamond particle processing and is pressure-forged and high temperature constant. These beautiful pans have high-polished quality, completely oven-safe handles, and a great induction bottom in order that it is extra energy proficient.

Oh, At CeraStone, there’s most important fact is safety, healthy serving of foods for you and your children. Cheers to that! So let’s start cooking with our pure CeraStone. Think for second, when you put pure and healthy food in a pure pan like CeraStone, definitely you will get nothing but pure taste.

Sauce Pans, Dutch Oven and Chicken Fryer

If your sauce pans and Dutch oven can’t win you over with its capacity, then why even bother? Okay, all right.. it isn’t entirely that bad, but it could be made quite generous.

The CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware, to begin with, The sauce pans, dutch oven, and chicken fryer also appear with tempered glass lids, ideal for any sorts of high heat cooking. Also all come with induction bottoms that can be used on any cooking surface to your liking!

Ease of use

A lightweight CeraStone Cookware set is a great catch for chefs, and apart from that, the CeraStone Cookware set comes with a lot of small however so important details that build it excellent at ease and efficient to use.

First of all, this is a complete dishwasher safe cookware. This means you can wash your pans by hand. Cleaning is very easy. but some review says dirty residue on the bottom that was very annoying.

Second, No scratches on the pans or oven, so it but it seems pretty durable.

And finally, you have the see-through glass lid  and heavy duty handle which makes cooking much more enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How much deep are the fry pans?

Answer:  I think the larger pans are over than an inch and the smaller pans are about or less than one inch.

Question: Tell me how has your cookware set held up?

Answer: I don’t identify how it would hitch with heavy use. Sorry for that but I cooked at fair heat. Just love it.

CeraStone Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons:

Gunmetal color – we can get this CeraStone ceramic cookware in Gunmetal color and the color of  dutch oven and pans are accurate

The Surface doesn’t Stick – The StoneCoat 2020 does perform as expected with easy food release. When food doesn’t stick to the pan, it also means cleaning is easy with little scrubbing needed.

No Crevices – Unlike most ceramic dutch ovens  and pans with handles that are riveted to the body, food and sauces can get stuck in the crevices of the rivets, making cleaning a hassle. For the CeraStone Pressure Forged series, the whole interior is smooth.

Heats up Quickly – With a 4mm and 5mm aluminum construction, the pieces do heat up fast since the element is a good conductor of heat.


Origin– The origin of the cookware set is China.

Price – The price of the  CeraStone Ceramic cookware set is not cheap. It costs twice as much as the Cook N Home and still slightly more expensive than the popular WearEver Pure Living sets at the time of review. Of course, it’s cheaper than the Cuisinart Pro-Classic Ceramic, but Cuisinart is a well-established brand which already has a premium attached to its name compared to CeraStone.

Weight : Very light in weight. Some of you might not like the lightness.

Final Words

Our CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware review is nearly at its end, and let’s just say that this CeraStone Cookware Set is actually giving us a few mixed feeling. Well, first of all, it is certainly not a poor Cookware Set. It is durable, easy and comfortable to use, looks like it could bring a million dollars happiness and is overall a great cute kitchen materials for chefs. It may be great for new chefs, however, we don’t know if these would be the best choice for professional chefs who cook in the restaurants with them. It is now up to you to decide.

This concludes our CeraStone 10 Piece Metallic Set, Gunmetal Cookware review. We hope our take on this CeraStone Cookware Set assists you observe and understand about the cookware more clearly, and assists you make a improved decision. For more details, link on the link here. Adios!