Circulon Infinite Cookware :Hard Anodized

Circulon Infinite is prepared by Meyer that also crafts Rachael Ray as well as KitchenAid ceramic cookware among all others. The 10 Piece Circulon Infinite Cookware set is not low-priced but it contains 1/2 additional features that are rarely seen in other ceramic pot and pan. The issue does these features give a good reason for the higher cost evaluated to other renowned brands or not. Besides the stability of these pieces, especially its nonstick pans are important. So let’s look at these matters in this particular review.

Circulon Infinite Cookware, Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

Since the company says, some things work enhanced with circles.  And after an in detail research, I must say they are correct! I am dispersing by the better features of this 10 Piece Circulon Infinite Cookware.  And If I had an option, I would rate this top non-stick hard anodized cookware set for the costs!

10 Piece Circulon Infinite Cookware Feature:


Totally this is a 10 piece Circulon Infinite Cookware set included, 8 inches Skillet, 10 inches Skillet, 1.5 quart Saucepan covered with lid , 3 quart Sauté Pan covered with lid, 2 quart Saucepan covered with lid, 8 quart Stockpot covered with lid.

Circulon Infinite Cookware has an extremely fashionable and modern appear with deep charcoal gray pans, mirror elegant stainless steel lids cover, handles along with the base.  Sufficient to go away straight from the stovetop to the table.  One of the customers commented these pans are big and luxurious looking!

The inner base of every pan has a series of high and low concentric circles, giving the Circulon pans their signature appear and brand name.  These circles are extra than design, though; it is a proprietary cooking release technology that is exceptional to Circulon.

These Circulon Infinite pans have a truly exceptional structure.

They are finished off a heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum with a long-lasting nonstick cookware coating in the interior.  In addition, there is a right pending stainless steel base that entirely summarizes a wide aluminum core.

As aluminum is an outstanding conductor of temperature, this means very swift and smooth heating in the Circulon pans without hot spots.

The stainless steel base makes possible the pans to be well-matched with all stove-tops counting induction.  Like a point of interest, Circulon was the first company to craft hard anodized induction cookware.


Circulon Infinite Cookware employs DuPont’s™ advanced 3 layers non-stick coating named Autograph which is functional to the inner and outer.

DuPont™ is the similar company that formulates Teflon.  The Autograph coating is single of their main highly developed nonstick contributions. Along with DuPont, it is designed for highest performance, more longevity, and simple cook along with clean and brilliant stability.  It has been restaurant experienced and is targeted towards class oriented, passionate cooks.

One of the things to see of Circulon Infinite Cookware is its original TOTAL® Food Release system.  The nonstick coating is functional in an exceptional “Hi-Low” circle design that eases surface scratch by allowing just a portion of food and tools to stroke.

This provides special food release feature and maximizes the stability of the non-stick.  This is accurate across all the Circulon pans are non-stick.

Circulon Infinite Cookware is metal tool protected.

Different like normal hard anodized pans, Circulon Infinite Cookware has the nonstick coating as well functional to the exterior of the pan.  Not just does this make it simple to clean, nevertheless, it also means that pan also would not discolor, scratch or fragment for the hard anodizing process. This quality makes the Circulon pans 100% dishwasher safe.


Although the Circulon Infinite Cookware is 100% metal tool safe, it is suggested to use plastic, made of wood otherwise rubber tools during cooking to make the best use of the life of any nonstick ceramic cookware.

Use of high temperature is not suggested with this Circulon pan as high temperature can cause cooking foods to stick.  Low to average temperature is suggested as the pan is designed to conduct warm finely.

Don’t use cookery spray as it burns at lesser heats and can burn up the non-stick ceramic coating reasoning increase of the spray. This will reason sticking as well as damaging to the nonstick coating and occasionally give the ceramic cookware a “rusty” look. Using of cookery sprays along with high temperature will cancel the warranty on Circulon pans.

Pans should wash after each use so that food remains is not allowed to increase, which will cause sticking and damaging the non-stick coating later on.  As its dishwasher protected, we would always suggest cleaning non-stick pans by hand.  Why not we try to make the longer life of good quality products?

Public often ask for a cookware set that does not get stuck cooking foods. The grooves guard the nonstick surface keeps cooking food from getting stuck on the pots.

Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, Handwash Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, dishwasher safe Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, Oven safe (lids up to 220°C Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, Oven Safe

Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, Extra durable hard anodized body  Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, Durable LidsCirculon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, All stove tops except inductionCirculon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, induction compatible

Stainless steel Handles:

Good-looking handles are made of cast stainless steel also is wrapped up to the pans. The handles are designed to settle comfortably cool on the stove-top, however, there are some criticisms about handles getting warm.

Durable Lids:

The lids are finished off a durable stainless steel which are low profile also fit the pans comfortably.


With a high-class nonstick on equally the inside and outside, the Circulon pans cleaning process is very easy that makes it even easier to sustain is that we can immediately pop them in the dishwasher after use. 

Oven Safe:

Circulon Infinite Cookware is oven safe capable of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Broiler Safe:

Although the Circulon official website does not say anything about broiler, it is sensible to stay away from the broiler for every non-stick pans, still if the company says it is okay because at a high temperature, not only perform nonstick coatings deteriorate but release toxic smoke.

100% Dishwasher Safe:

Due to the high stability of the nonstick coating and the detail that is applied to equally the inside and outside, Circulon pans are 100% dishwasher safe.

Induction Compatibility:

This is one of the only some hard anodized ceramic cookware sets that is really induction compatible.


Circulon Infinite Cookware set comes with a lifetime warranty.


Product Details

Product Dimensions: 23 inches x 14.5 inches x 13.5 inches; (23.1 pounds)

Item model number: 80580

Shipping Weight: 25.5 pounds


Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars (207 customer reviews)


Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware, FAQ

Are there any criticisms with this Circulon Infinite Cookware?

Actually, no cookware review would be completed without a glance at any criticisms or negatives about the product. The Circulon Infinite cookware has its share of general issues. We can make a decision if an issue is essential to us or not.

Although quite a lot of users praised how cool the handles settled while cooking, not many did not find that to be proper and complained that the handles get warm during cooking.  To keep away from this problem, it is suggested to use average temperature for cooking as well as to use pan holders.

Several users were astonished at how weighty the ceramic pots and pans are. Even as this may be a negative for somebody, it also considers the solid quality of the ceramic cookware, not to mention it capability to keep on flat.  Additionally, the pots do come prepared with assistant handles on the improved pots to assist to lift them.

 Some customers experience require for a larger skillet.

Final Verdicts 

The most first-rate price for this 10 Piece Circulon Infinite Cookware is generally on Amazon, however, continue to look at as it often goes on trade and at times as low as 140 dollars for this cookware set. In generally the standard price of this cookware set is around 289 dollar.