Emile Henry has been expertise crafty kitchen ceramic cookware since 1850. This French company was established in a little town in Burgundy. At present, it is still conceitedly owned also operated by the Henry family. The stone-rich soils of Burgundy are famous for generating wines with the unique terrier, but they also give way the unusual local clays accustomed to craft every piece of Emile Henry cookware along with Emile Henry Bread Cloche. The high fired up clay ensures very high heats as distributing and keeping hold of temperature lightly and consistently. Artisans’ hand applies the glazes to generate a bright color that seems good-looking in the kitchen also at the table.

Emile Henry Bread Cloche, Emile Henry Bread Cloche RED Highend Kitchen Bakeware 615508 Brand NewRemake the tasty results of brick-oven baking with Emile Henry Bread Cloche. Made in France, the ceramic baker soaks up and keeps hold of temperature consistently as redistributing the steam out by the dough while it cooks. This gives way an artisanal surrounding loaf with a tender, wet inner, a light scrap also a rubbery, consistently browned outer layer. Crafted of Burgundian clay and ended with a lively hand-applied shiny finish that stands firm grazing and crazing.

Emile Henry Bread Cloche Specifications:
Designed for proofing and baking in one container.
Rolls out one round loaf.
In addition, be used to roast meats, fishes as well as vegetables.

No require soaking before use.
100% Microwave capable; oven, broiler, and freezer protected.

100% Dishwasher safe.
Never use rough cleaning goods or scouring pads.
Product Details

Product Dimensions: 11.25 inch x 13.25inch x 07 inch high overall.

Origin: Made in France.

Shipping Weight: 9.6 pounds


Item model no: 615508

Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars (25 customer reviews)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Sassafras builds a cloche as fine at about half the price? Can anybody tell me if there is that much dissimilarity??

Answer: I have not used the sassafras but as somebody who bakes bread proficiently, the Emile Henry Bread Cloche generates a perfect crust.

Question: Can I put the cloche hooked on a pre-heated oven or else should I place the dough in the cloche moreover then put in the oven while I first roll it on?

Answer: all the time I put it in a pre-heated oven. Temperate it up gradually would work also but why to do that? Do you need different bread flavor?

Question: Can I order just fir the base for Emile Henry Bread Cloche producer?

Answer: no, I do not feel so.

Question: I desire fir the high surface shine finish. Where can I find it? Has anybody had a terrible experience with the cloche incoming devastated?

Answer: Toque Blanche Cooking still has the polished finish in stock. If transport the cloche the way the factory packs it, there is a high probability of breakage. Our company has learned that it is essential to put in extra packing material into the unique packaging.

Question: Thank you for the answer. Some users say it is glossy and others say it is not shiny. Were the shiny cloche’s purchased in recent times?

Answer: I have a shiny one, bought about 6 months before.

Question: Is the red shiny finish on the Emile Henry Bread Cloche matte as it comes into view in the picture or glossy as I was expecting it selected?

Answer: It is totally shinny.

Question: How deep is the cover? How tall can loaf be also done it touch the lid cover?

Answer: About 4.5 inches. A loaf made with 5 cups of flour bakes properly and does not touch the lid cover.

Final Verdicts:

Finally, the Red Emile Henry Bread Cloche is wonderfully crafted and looks grand on the counter-top. In addition, it makes bread that is just as crunchy also yummy as the reviews assure. We mainly appreciate the handles on the sides of the base along with the big knob on the top of the ground that craft this cloche simple to grab and maneuver on with seriously padded oven mitts in the close-up limits of a very warm oven. This feature differentiates the Emile Henry Bread Cloche from several others that are less expensive. But it is an essential safety feature in our view. True this item is a bit expensive but this high-class bakeware is certain to yield great returns over the years. 88% of customers give 5 out of 5 reviews build you more confident to buy Emile Henry Bread Cloche! Highly recommended from us!

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