Ceramic cookware brands have quickly taken place in the marketplace with its leading properties over the other kitchenwares. Unusual brands of nonstick ceramic cookware are hovering over the online world but there is much nonstick ceramic cookware among them that are dangerous for life. A number of the top nonstick ceramic cookware brands have developed great products in these years. WearEver is among one such nonstick ceramic cookware brand.

Nonstick Ceramic Cookware

WearEver is one of the oldest American ceramic cookware brands. Its present ranges are from high-class cookware, bakeware as well as pressure cookers. Among WearEver ceramic cookware there are many remarkable products but the WearEver Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set is vastly well-regarded product because of its Nonstick Ceramic coating. The nonstick ceramic coating is PFOA as well as cadmium free. It is an amazing combo pack.

Key Features of Nonstick Ceramic Cookware

Combo pack that weighs 14 pounds.
Yielding silicon handles which survive high heat and stay cool.
PTFE, PFOA also cadmium free.
Nonstick Ceramic Cookware is Eco-friendly and Healthy.
Nonstick Ceramic Cookware has aluminum base for equivalent temperature distribution.
Capable of 350 degrees Fahrenheit & is able to survive normal cooking for up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
Nonstick Ceramic Cookware is not protected for induction.
Long lasting and Cost efficient.
Dishwasher is safe for Nonstick Ceramic Cookware.
WearEver Ceramic Cookware 10-Piece set appears with a handful properties. This Cookware consists of a 3-quart covered saucepan with lids, 5 Quart Dutch covered oven with lids, 3.5-quart skillet, 3-quart saucepan, 10.5 inches sauté pan also 8-inch quart pan plus nylon tool as a free gift.

Ecological Ceramic Coating and Silicon Handle

It has flexible touch silicone handles that craft it easy as well as secures the grip. The handles do not catch warm with the rise in heat. The nonstick coating is PFOA, PTFE also cadmium free. It is ecological in nature. The nonappearances of these cookwares do not let the creation of poisonous fumes which more facilitates in healthy cookery. The base of this nonstick ceramic cookware is weighty and made of heavy gauge aluminum with a ceramic coating which helps equal heat sharing.

Temperature Resistant Properties

The WearEver nonstick ceramic Cookware 10-Piece set has limited life warranty. This nonstick ceramic cookware can survive 700 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature and is oven protected. The weight of the nonstick ceramic cookware is 14 pounds and can be shipped equally at the national plus global level. It is incredibly long-lasting and cost-efficient dynamic from WearEver.

Extra Benefits

The WearEver nonstick ceramic Cookware comes with properties of better stain and scrapes resistant property. Due to the aluminum base, there is an equivalent distribution of temperature, completed the surface of the pan and so cooking takes lesser time.

Nonstick Ceramic CookwareStrength Issue

As the general, the internal part of nonstick ceramic Cookware may get sticky and flaked off because of over using of the cookware. Watchful handling can keep away from this situation and the cookware will have a long-drawn-out life.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 13 inches x 12 inches x 11 inches

Item Weight: 11.5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 17.7 pounds

Manufacturer: WearEver


Origin: China

Item model number: 2100081412

Buyer Reviews: 04 out of 5 stars (580 customer reviews)

Date first available at Amazon: September 28, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions (Nonstick Ceramic Cookware):

Question: Can this Nonstick Ceramic Cookware be used with no scratching glass-top stoves?

Answer: I think if I use any sort of cookware and Nonstick Ceramic Cookware and have not faced any troubles, this would not is a matter certainly. The cookware is sort of delicate and surrounded by the nonstick is ceramic. I do not consider you will have any trouble in so far as scraping your glass-top surface.

Question: Is it made in the USA?

Answer: No, it says engineered in the USA and origin in China.

Question: What color is given away in the pictures?

Answer: My nonstick ceramic cookware is like a soft gold color. Very nice!

Question: Can I use Olive oil or any cooked oils for cooking this cookware? Will it reason any harm to ceramic coating or else reason some scratches?

Answer: Yes! However do not apply cooking sprays in the nonstick ceramic cookware.

Question: Is this comparatively lightweight in contrast to other cookwares?

Answer: Yes, The nonstick ceramic cookware is light and also simple to use.

Question: I am scheduling to buy this ceramic cookware set but first I would like to know regarding the warranty. Here there is no detail. And it doesn’t say if this set is lead-free.

Answer: Limited Life Warranty. Warrants nonstick ceramic cookware is free of manufacturing faults for life from the date of buy. Doesn’t cover up misuse like overheating, offensive cleaning practices also non-suggested oven use or any commercial use. Does not cover up discoloration and scratching. (Taken the information from WearEver). They don’t say lead-free but it engineered in the USA so I would not believe it has the lead. It is ceramic coating in the pan and glass lids cover. You can call to WearEver number 1-800-527-7727.

Final Verdicts

This Nonstick Ceramic Cookware from WearEver is one of the best nonstick ceramic cookware products available for a stylish kitchen. We recommend for this fantastic Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set. With 580 Amazon Buyer Reviews of which 65% 5-star and rating of 4.0 out of 5 plus all the remarkable features, it’s obviously the perfect choice.

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