It all started with my mom. My mother always loved to cook, and she’s my favorite taster. I always thought she was the best cook in the world, but when I started college, cooking became a career path that I seriously considered. It’s easy to see why people fall in love with food: it’s one of our most basic human needs combined with pleasure and creativity; cooking is ultimately rewarding because you’re creating something beautiful out of nothing.

I learned how to cook fundamentals like knives, measuring cups, spoons, and the more involved baking. I’ve become a big fan of cooking! Even though it’s hard to do without help, my mom taught me how to fry an egg, so not only is she responsible for all my culinary skills outside of those required in school (which aren’t many), she also helped teach me about cuisine.

Although baking was probably one of her most famous talents, she also taught me how to make sauerkraut and spaghetti sauce. (She’s the person who introduced me to eating vegetarianism! That lady is a gem!)

I may be a little “crazy” when it comes to cooking, but I enjoy every minute of it. Spending time in the kitchen itself, whether with my family or my friends, brings me both happiness and exhilaration. This blog was created to showcase my cooking/eating with family and friends. And also as an opportunity to discuss ideas on food and the culinary circle in general.

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