Main Features of Blue Diamond Cookware Set

If you call the copper cookware models pretty, you must say these Blue Diamond model looks stimulating. The company states that these Blue Diamond pots and pans have a long-lasting coating which is five times durable than the other popular brands.

Infused with Diamonds: Do Blue Diamond Pans Have Diamonds?

A unique thing is these models infused with diamonds. That’s why they are called a blue diamond. The top-secret is the diamond-infused “ceramic coating” which the hardest material. It seems like crumpled up slight diamonds are available in these models. However, we do not think these reasonable pans have noticeable diamonds. Then they would cost something around two hundred dollars for each pan. The company claims this infused with diamonds feature because that thing makes your cookware five times warmer since diamonds can generate the heat. But then again, we think it indicates the manufacturer might polish these models with some sort of diamond oils or essence, common sense right? The blue diamond cookware does not have genuine diamonds.

Royal Blue: Awesome Color

Most of the cook loves red copper cookware over all other copper models because of their mixture of copper and red color together. We think they seem to be pleasant to look. The visual look of these new diamond pans is beautiful, that means it will look eye-catching in almost every kitchen.  You can do so many cooking into it. If you want to buy this for your collection you need to check how beautiful these models are. The navy blue color makes gorgeous look in the inside of every pan.  You can notice billions of tiny glittering spots that practically look as if the magnificent night sky.

Stay-Cool Handle: Special Feature

The handle of the pans does have the same glittering spots as well.  So far, these models are way better than copper cookware models in terms of color and appearance. The manufacturer surely takes note of the way these new diamond models looks.

The color of the handle is silver which will remain cool to your touch. Therefore, when you grip the handle to lift the pan off the cooktop or oven, you don’t require panicking about wearing a cooking mitt or injuring the fingers.

Regular Size: What Sizes does Blue Diamond Non-Stick Pan Come In?

Most of the new diamond pan measures 9.5 inches in width. That’s a reasonable size for any kind of frying pan. So you don’t require controlling yourself to make your food on small servings inside it. If you are cooking meat, mixed vegetables or fish with these models, they will hold food sufficiently to feed your family and friends. When you cook some eggs for your beloved person in this beautiful diamond cookware model, you’re going to feel like a super chef. 

Dishwasher Safe: Don’t Forget to Check

These Blue Diamond cookware models are relatively safe to wash in dishwasher. However, it would not be hard for you to wash by your hand if required; in the meantime, every food might slip off it in moments—including smelted cheese and the sauces gluey. Most of the time, the manufacturer recommends you to go for hand wash.  

Non-Toxic Materials: How good are Blue Diamond Pans?

All of the Blue Diamond pots and pans are lead, PFOA and cadmium free. These possibly toxic elements those exist in a number of pots and pans of different cookware brands. Every single part of the cookware has a firm and aluminium base that looks after your pans from damaging. The bottom part of the cookware has similar to a spider mesh design which the manufacturer says this solid forged based structure supports the pan from distorting

Productive Design: Important Feature

These pots and pans increase blaze to the kitchen collection. The inside coating is infused with small diamonds which gives every portion an outstanding polish and sparkle. The parts are lighter in weight, easy to use. Also, the design is fantastic.

Durability: Must Thing to Look

Even though this brand is comparatively latest to the cookware industry, they have been well accepted by most of the customers. They’ve put the inside coating consistent with the care recommendations provided the pan is very long-lasting and quite durable. The company recommends using the cookware on medium heat, continuously use a small amount of butter or cooking oil for better cooking outcomes.

Price: How much is a Blue Diamond pots and pans?

If you compare to the quality, this brand doesn’t claim costly prices. That means you will enjoy cooking in your kitchen with this excellent cookware brand with its handiness and your artistic intelligence with the tastiest dish. All in all, it drops into reasonable cookware sorting.

Warranty: Last but not least

The most important feature of this Blue Diamond brand is that they come with a Ninety-day money-back warranty. The company claims that if you are not happy with this brand in any case, the company will refund your money if you return the product inside the 90 days after the purchase. However, the manufacturer is not responsible for the shipping and delivery or replacement cost.

That’s a lifetime limited warranty, and yet, they don’t cover the damage because of abuse or misuse of the cookware set. They will cover faults in materials and structure.