In this BERGHOFF EUROCAST cookware reviews, you will noticehow it fits straightforwardly on the kitchen. If you require of lightweightcookware that never burns, then you have to think about a little too much aBERGHOFF EUROCAST type cookware. You can cook fast and with no trouble. Alsoformerly in place, offers a continual cooking experience for months. Thesecookwares are much more reasonably priced; you do not need to preserve itenormously. Also, this cookware provides heat consistently that you and everychef require.

There’s an ample range of BERGHOFF EUROCAST cookware models presented in the market. All of them are suggesting safety from an unusual choice of chemicals and other harmful elements. And every so often it’s pretty tough to identify which model is the most beautiful cookware for your specific requirements. There’re many things which go on in the cooking process that is not always healthy for you. You need this cookware so you can set off from your stovetop to oven without a glitch!. This article will assist you to realize a few of the matters to judge and talk about a little of the top-performing BERGHOFF EUROCAST cookwares in 2019 with our neutral BERGHOFF EUROCAST cookware reviews.

BergHOFF Eurocast Professional Line Cookware Reviews

BergHOFF introduces modern cast iron cookware that gives you a new meaning of cast iron utensil. Without having any side effects or messy situation of cleaning them, this modern BergHOFF Eurocast professional line cookware will change your old thoughts. This Eurocast professional fry pan comes with a new modern look and features. If you need healthy cooking for your family, try this sauté and fry pan.

Before we are going through the detail discussion here some key features of BergHOFF Eurocast professional line cookware-

Key Features

  • Lightweight cast iron construction
  • Comes with evenly heat distributing magnetic bottom plate
  • Able to resistance up to 5000F temperature
  • Easily removable handle makes it usable for the oven as a baking pan
  • This fry pan is compatible with every cooking surface (Gas, Induction, etc.)
  • 100% safe cookware comes with PFOA and PTFE free elements
  • The surface of the pan design with non-stick ceramic and titanium

Construction and Durability

The manufacturer tries to make a lightweight fry pan by using cast iron materials. If you buy this cookware, you will feel the lightness of the pan. Therefore, you will not face any challenge for tossing your egg omelet with this light pan! The surface of the pan is manufacturing with titanium and non-stick ceramic. Both materials are completely free from toxic PFOA and PTFE. So, it is the healthiest cookware for your family. The bottom of the pan can evenly distribute the heat for its magnetic plate design. All these features make this Eurocast professional pan durable and reliable.

Compatibility and Resistance

Berghoff tries to design this pan as much compatible with any cooking surface as they can. You can use this pan on any cooking surface and even in the oven also. The pan is resistant up to 5000F temperature. This pan is also resistant to cracking and fragment. You will be happy to know that the handle of the pan is detachable by a simple twist. Therefore, without handle, the pan will use as a baking bowl for the oven.


Berghoff offers two years warranty for their products. So, this model also has two years warranty. They also provide lifetime replacement and half-price money return policy.

EuroCast by BergHOFF Chef Set Cookware Reviews

Need a complete non-stick cookware set? BergHOFF Eurocast chef cookware set will make your kitchen complete. Cooking like a pro needs professional quality cookware set with your cooking skill. Choosing a trustworthy cookware set is not an easy task, especially where so many brands products are available in the market. But we can assure you that BergHOFF is one of the most trustable brands among them.

Let’s have a look on the key features of Berghoff Professional Cookware Chef Set-

Key Features

Design with non-stick Ferno ceramic and titanium

Completely free from PFOA and PTFE substance

Durable and lightweight cast iron construction cookware set

Comes with three glass lids pots and without lid pans

Suitable for any cooking surface, even in the oven

The handle of the pans are detachable

Have resistance of maximum 5000F temperature

Berghoff offers lifetime return policy and two years product warranty

Cookware Chef set Include

Total nine pieces you will get in this chef set. The set includes 6.25 inch 1.2 Qt Sauce Pan, 8 inch 3.2Qt Stock Pot, 10 inch 5Qt Stock Pot, 9.5 inch Sauté Pan, 8 inch Fry Pan, and 11inch Fry Pan. This ceramic cookware set also includes three glass lids. All the cookware handles are detachable. 

Easy to Clean

This non-sticky cookware set is very easy to clean. By simple hot soapy water you can clean them very quickly. The heavy duty cast iron construction is hardly allowing any food to stick to it.

Design and Durability

This Berghoff Eurocast cookware set is resistant to high temperature and any sorts of cracking. You can use the pots and pans for long time without facing any problem. The glass lid design make you’re cooking easier than before because you can see your food through the lid.  Therefore, without losing any moisture your food test and vitamins will remain good. The pans can evenly distribute the heat of the flame with the magnetic bottom plate.

Berghoff Eurocast Professional Starter Set Cookware Reviews

If you are looking for a reasonable price ceramic cookware, set our next product from 5 best Berghoff Eurocast Cookware reviews. From different Berghoff cookware sets, Eurocast professional cookware starter set is the most reasonably priced product. For a small family kitchen, this set is suitable for all the aspects.

Key Features

Lightweight, heavy-duty cast iron construction cookware

Gorgeous black color five pieces cookware set with two glass lids

Comes with a magnetic bottom plate that evenly distributes the heat

Compatible for most of the cooking surfaces

Manufacture with titanium and ceramic materials

Healthiest cookware set free from harmful PFOA and PTFE

The pan interior surface has two years warranty, but the lids have no warranty

Cookware Starter Set Include

This starter set comes with five pieces of cookware, including two glass lids. One 10-inch fry pan, one 10 -inch saute pan, and 6.25 inch 1.2 Qt saucepan are in this package. Every pan handles are detachable. If you use your container for oven baking, then twist the panhandle and bake your dish.

Healthy Cookware

Being a chef, you should concern about the food value and health issue of your family members. This non-sticky Ferno ceramic cookware is safe and healthy for cooking food. The titanium and Ferno ceramic non-stick pan surface provide you the cooking option without using oil or fat. So, preparing a low-fat food dish is not a big deal now! Moreover, these pans are free from harmful PFOA and PTFE. 

Lightweight Design

Berghoff uses heavy-duty cast iron, titanium, and ceramic material for the construction of this starter set. Pans are very lightweight that any age people will comfortable to use. Make your cooking time enjoyable with this innovative, safe, and healthy cookware set.

BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Cookware Set Reviews

Earthchef Premium Cookware Set is the most gorgeous looking cookware set among all the five products of our list. This cookware set is a silver color carbon steel ten pieces non-sticky cookware set. If you make yo your decorative kitchen try this product, it will provide a sophisticated look at your kitchen.

Key Features

Heat retaining carbon steel construction

Comes with stainless-steel and wrapped up handles

Including induction suitable for all cooking surface

Free from any toxic substance like PFOA, PTFE, and CO2

Shiny silver color provides an attractive look of this cookware set

Comes with energy-saving and fast heat transferring feature

Both ovens safe and safe dishwasher feature makes the cookware long-lasting

Resistant up to 10000F temperature/heat

Earthchef Cookware Set Include

The ten pieces cookware set includes six pots & pans and four lids. 6-1/4-inch and 8-inch two saucepans with covers, one 10 –inch sauté pan with lid, one 10-inch stockpot with lid, and two fry pans without lids. Handles of this cookware set are stylish and polished with cast stainless-steel finish.

Durable and Healthy

The manufacturer tries to make this cookware set durable by using non-toxic carbon steel materials. Both pans and lids are polished with a shiny silver color stainless steel finish. All the cookware is dishwasher safe and oven-proof. They are also resistant to high heat and any scratches. Berghoff also ensures the health safety issue of this cookware set. The construction materials of this cookware set are free from toxic substances like PFOA, CO2, and PTFE fumes.

You will surprise to know that this Earthchef cookware set is six-time stronger than any other cookware. 

Budget-Friendly and Energy Saving

With the maximum number of pieces, this cookware set is one of the budget-friendly products of Berghoff. In one set, you will get all types of cookware that a chef usually needs in their kitchen. This cookware set is also energy saving. Pots and pans can transfer heat very fast and evenly. You can cook food for a short period.

Berghoff Eurocast Professional Cookware Deluxe Set Reviews

Eurocast professional cookware deluxe set is another innovative cookware set of Berghoff. This is one of the high budget range product. If you ready to spent a lot of money on buying your next cookware set, then this will be a good option. This deluxe set is a professional level cookware set, so restaurants and professional chefs prefer this item for them.

Key Feature

Durable, heavy-duty cast iron construction

Evenly heat distributing magnetic bottom plate

Resistant to high temperature, chipping and cracking

Easy to clean with hot soapy water

Lightweight construction easy to handle

Detachable handles of this cookware are not hot

Suitable for all cooking surface including induction

Lightweight Design and Durable

The deluxe cookware set is very lightweight to make your cooking easy and enjoyable. The heavy-duty cast iron, titanium, and Ferno ceramic construction make the cookware so much efficient. They will conserve food values, vitamins, and minerals without losing food taste. Ferno ceramic non-stick cooking surface provides an oil-free low-calorie cooking feature. 

This Eurocast deluxe cookware set resistant to high temperature and wrapping. Without a handle, you can use the pan as bakeware for the oven. Cookware is easy to clean with hot soapy water. They are suitable for daily cooking without losing pans quality.


The cookware set has two years of product warranty from the manufacturer. The manufacturer also offers lifetime product replacement and a fifty percent money return policy for any damage. But keep in mind lids of the cookware are not including with their product warranty policy.

If you do some research on Amazon about this product’s customer reviews, you will find both positive and negative opinions. Some customers don’t prefer this cookware set for a high price range. 

How to Buy BergHOFF EuroCAST cookware set: Complete Buying Guide

If you search for the best nonstick cookware, it might be simply defined as holding no injurious substances, and carry on for a long time. Creating from Europe, the BergHOFF EuroCAST cookware set has to turn into a universal top selected brand for both expert and unprofessional chefs since it shines at all these parameters.

What is more?

These pots and pans built-in with lovely glass lids, the chef can observe the cooking at every point without any dropping of dampness and taste. This specific issue permits you to cook faster and taste better food. And more, these glass lids of the cookware are entirely oven safe.

They come with a lifetime warranty; as a result, you always be guaranteed of product features. They last considerably past its promise all the same, a great deal longer.

At this point, we will discuss the buying guide and how to take care of these cookware tips given below.

Ferno-Ceramic: Awesome Feature

These pots and pans use an internal surface which is finished of roughly termed as Ferno-ceramic. The manufacturer uses a titanium-filled ceramic nonstick material, which is completely PFOA and PTFE free. They are very active at the nonstick quality and would not damage or flake off by any means. EuroCAST is equally open nearly the point that the nonstick feature will mark, that’s a sniff of new appearance. In all conscience, they handle metallic kits much better than quite a few cookware brands whose right to be “scratch-resilient.”

One mainly daunting topic that cookware set companies don’t love to promote is that nonstick ceramic sets are profoundly and forever spoiled by abuse.

Effectiveness: Must Necessary feature

They are incredibly operative at avoiding your food from sticking in for suitable use circumstances. If we use high temperatures usually or cook food with not any moisture whatsoever, you will prevent the nonstick feature from exploiting its work successfully and reason your food to stick. Once you lastly take out your food, this feature will be a little less effective continuously. This issue might cause the cookware to turn into useless after a short time of use swiftly.

At this instant, in sprite to EuroCAST, that’s not a difficult job to their cookware models. Besides, they talk about this topic to a certain extent in their pot and pan care guidelines. It’s value saying, nonetheless, that they comment that this kind of matter cavities their assurance.

Removable Handles: Don’t for to check

This cool feature is essential, equally in the metaphorical “neat” logic and the logic that the handle exactly decreases high temperature. BergHOFF pots and pans have well-made rubber handles that are entirely harmless to operate, even though you have been boiling roughly for more than an hour’s. These cookware handles go together with a big disadvantage, though they are not perfectly oven-safe more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For that reason, to support their pots and pans to use in your oven, the company has validated that the handles must be quickly separated.

Dishwasher Safe: Additional Feature

Even though the pots and pans are completely dishwasher safe, for example, it might not dissolve, break or blow in a dishwasher, that’s only to recommend how long-lasting the cookware is. Still, to maintain the nonstick kinds of stuff and never be in the gap of the five year warranty period, dishwasher applying is proscribed.

Oven Safe: Important Feature to look

These pots and pans are put in your oven up to 240 degrees Celsius. The handles of the pan might get hot all the same. The cookware handles might discolor while used in your oven. You can easily wash it with the cleaning product.

Induction-ready: Perfect for induction stoves?

All you need to do is simply pad a magnet to the bottom of the cookware: if it sticks appropriately, the pots and pans are appropriate for induction stoves. All these BergHOFF pots and pans are induction-ready.

Lightweight and Long-lasting Construction: Last but not least

The manufacturer uses excellent amounts of aluminum in these pots and pans. Each cookware has an awesome magnetic bottom, which permits them to be castoff on the induction cooktops. You will not find enough statistics about the particular metal temperament, but these pots and pans are very lighter in weight and heavy-duty. This stuff usually means these models itself is finished with commonly aluminum, that’s exceptionally customary. This aspect is relatively unusual that BergHOFF is not sincere about that. As an alternative, the roundabout that the pots and pans are finished with “titanium and ceramic,” that’s true, but not at all what you would like to know.


What’s EuroCAST is all about?

EuroCAST is a modern company, and their cookware models show that perfectly. The remarkable changeable handles and lid maintain the cook’s workflow in stirring their food preparation from the stovetop and back fast and without problems and removes the requirement for additional cookware set.

Is EuroCAST cookware safe?

In our research, Ferno-ceramic outer surface is the reason for the modern exterior of nonstick pots and pans around the globe. They provide you commendable performance and stability. They would not damage, bang, or distortion without a doubt. What’s more, they’re entirely safe from contaminated substances like PFOA and PFTE.

What are EuroCAST pots and pans made of?

These pots and pans are finished of titanium and ceramic that is assured not to distortion or clip. A number of these pots and pans essential things are: Oven safe pan less than 500 degrees Fahrenheit with a neat glass lid which is protected in the oven less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to stack your EuroCAST pots and pans?

If you’ve several cookware with lids, you might stack them by retaining a big pan on the end of the stick, rotating the top on its head, and assigning it covering its pot, after that, just employing the following size slighter pot inside that lid. Carry on loading in that way till completion.

How to clean your EuroCAST cookware?

These pots and pans would be hand-lapped in warm, foam-covered water by an easy-going sponge. Once you prepare this attempt, you’ll get the food guarantees, fats, and apply oil will lift with no trouble, making tough dishwasher use pointlessly. Do not forget to clean equally internal and external of the pots and pans. Please, avoid liquid cleansers with chlorine as materials.

How to season EuroCAST 3 Glass Lids Professional Cookware Chef Set?

Now and again, to find the most desired cooking outcomes with every EuroCAST pots and pans, The expert suggests informally seasoning on early use. You will just be rubbing out with a soft kitchen towel that lightly dished in unrefined oil and, after that, moderately reheating over a small temperature for a couple of minutes to lid the applied oil to the cookware surface.


Is BergHOFF a worthy brand for cookware?

While you’re considering making a big deal, for example, buying new pots and pans like BergHOFF models, you keen to explore one or two options, this famous cookware manufacturing company will demand to users who might eye for USA-made pots and pans and who are ready to offer a reasonable price. All things considered, we think that these BergHOFF cookware sets are a brilliant selection for those who dedicated to fit, natural, sensible living.

How to season your BergHOFF pots and pans?

Once in a while, seasoning is not a difficult process. If you want to obtain the finest cooking consequences with every BergHOFF cookware, we endorse you to season the inside part lightly on early use. You might rub out with a portion of soft towel that casually slope in regular oil and then moderately reheating over a little heat for one or two minutes to cover the apply oil to the inside surface.

Is BergHOFF cookware made in China or anywhere else?

They are a London-China based company which recognized for more than 30 years, where they initially demonstrated china as well as glass items assemble in the United Kingdom, at marketplaces and proceedings. In the United Kingdom, they currently endorse several other companies’ products comprising BergHOFF Universal (Belgium), Versatile Housewares (in the USA), and so on.

How do you clean BergHOFF cookware?

The pots and pans must be hand wash away in warm, soapy water; you might discover that the food deposits, kinds of butter, and oils will simply buzz, creating strict dishwasher excessive usage. After every clean-up, make sure you rinse systematically, also waterless with a soft material.

Final words: Is It worth It?

Our ultimate decision is one of watchful positivity. We don’t almost think that these pots and pans overtake other nonstick ceramic brands, but they seem very manageable to use, properly designed, and practically long-lasting. You might realize inside out that they are an amazingly lifelong nonstick option for you over the next 3-5 years.

We are not assuring you completely, and conversely, if you cannot have enough money to exchange your EuroCAST models within 3-5 years, you would search for an economic model in its place.

Cooking is an art that comprehends the run-of-the-mill process. To mark the maximum of your cooking, you should not follow your recipes only, also the correct tools for the finest outcomes. And several of the greatest unconventional models presently offered are made by BergHOFF Brand.

They include perfect colors which never decline and greater nonstick that always last long, these models have the whole thing you require. And more, they’re PFOA and PTFE free.

If you would like to have a lifetime cookware model which rests ever authentic to their responsibility, then these models are best for you. If you doubt which our suggested model, that maybe is the MODEL NAME AND LINK HERE.

Enjoy your cooking time!